Friday, 27 May 2016

The Great British Sewing Bee - Week 2

Please do  not be fooled by this image. This episode was not brought to you by clothing for super heroes. It will all make sense in the end though. This weeks episode was all about children's clothes. Not an episode I ever look forward to and yet somehow I always enjoy it. As always these images are not mine but in fact belong to the makers of the show, The Great British Sewing Bee.

First up we had the babygrow. Who knew that something so tiny could be so difficult. The sewers had a lot to contend with. The stretchy material for one and the binding for another. Not many people got the snaps or the closing in the right place. Only Josh had much experience with the material but sadly he didn't do too well and no one had ever made a babygrow. As Charlotte says they are just going to poop in it. Funnily enough Charlotte was the winner with this little red star number (which also happened to be my favourite fabric choice). She was the only one who made no mistakes.

My favourite as always is the second round. This time the stitchers were given bridesmaid dresses to convert into children's clothes. Huge transformations this time but to me still lacking in imagination. Changing a bridesmaid dress into a little girls party dress seems the obvious choice for me. Again my favourite is the winner. This little boxers costume which was stitched by Ghislaine. Although it has just occurred to me that one of the men did something similar last year but he made a pair of boxing gloves to match rather than a top. Either way it still stood out for me and I love the little hood.

For the show stopper we had the cape. Much like Bake Off the contestants can practise this at home. They get to choose their own pattern and materials. Only one went for a boys cape which I felt was actually pretty good (by Jamie) but sadly wasn't entirely finished. My favourite was by Jade who seemed to come second in every round this week. I think if she had managed to get those last few buttons on she might have won garment of the week.

For the second week running Angeline has won garment of the week. This time with her little red cape and her bow (for which the judges were initially dubious). It was pretty and very well done but I still prefer the style of Jade's. This brought Angeline up from the bottom three as she also didn't fair well in the first two rounds.

Sadly Ghislaine was the second stitcher to leave. It's a pity as I think nerves let her down in the end. She took risks with the cape which didn't work at all and her babygrow just didn't work at all. As I said I think that was purely nerves. I think we would have seen some bold colour choices had we gotten the chance to see her progress.

It's terrible, I watched this last night and already I can't remember next weeks theme. This time I will get to watch it live so I will be live tweeting again. Wait a's lingerie week. That should be fun.

Speaking of twitter, some of the contestants are on there so get following;


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