Friday, 13 May 2016

May Socks - The Basic Sock

I said that this month was going to be another basic sock and this is why. I wanted to see the yarn and not the pattern. I always try to match a pattern to the yarn I am using so that they compliment each other. This was one of those times that I didn't care about the pattern I just wanted to see the yarn.

The yarn is by Mothy and the Squid (my fibreshare partner). As part of my research into picking out yarns for her I obviously looked at her own yarns. The fact that I waited until after she received my parcel before ordering says something about my will power. She is famous for her rainbow yarns and my favourites are the ones like this. A solid colour with a spectrum of rainbow. It looks a little like a prism. This colourway is called Stormy Seas Rainbow and it's a Merino/Nyon blend. Obviously I picked this one because the main colour just happens to be my favourite, teal.

It is beautiful to knit with. So soft and knits smoothly. When you get a yarn like that you don't mind that you are knitting up a pattern that you could probably do in your sleep (and sometimes those patterns are the most relaxing). Look at those little stripes of rainbow though. I loved the way that it was spread out. This is why I love this type. It's subtle and yet the fact that it's subtle draws attention to the little thread of rainbow. I love it!

I'll say one thing for a basic sock. They are comfy too. It's the one I always go back to. The one I use when I want to knit socks but don't have much time to spend on them. The one I use when (like now) I want to focus on the yarn.

Having said that I have a pattern planned for next month. This time I am going to use yarn I was set from my fibreshare partner Sarah. For more you will just have to wait and see.

Do you have a go to pattern? One that you turn to much like me? Would love to see it.

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