Monday, 2 May 2016

How to Use a Mini Skein

My friend Lisa has recently added mini skeins to her etsy shop. She has packs in both double knit and sock weight. In fact she is even starting a mini skein club where you get so many mini skeins each month. A fab idea that I would join if I could afford to commit to anything just now (which I can't). It did remind me though that when I listed this in my What's New post last month that I would write out some ideas for mini skeins. So here we have it (and these are just a few ideas). None of these images are mine but belong to the makers which I have linked (the image above is from Lisa's shop).

I thought I would start with the smallest project and work my way up. Which is apt since the pack of mini skeins I highlighted at the start is sock weight. So here we have some striped socks. An obvious choice for me but these stripes are a little bit different. I'm actually curious as to how it's done and I might even try this myself. Actually my first thought when I decided to post this blog was to show a plain white sock with a mini skein used for the heels and toes. This is far more creative. The pattern is called Squircle (brilliant name) and is by General Hogbuffer. It looks like General Hogbuffer has lots of lovely sock patterns that I will have to make some time to look at.

You would be correct if you recognised the pattern in these rainbow socks. It's the Broken Seed Stitch pattern which I used for Aprils socks. Blogger Pesa Puussa has done a rainbow version which are quite striking. Some mini skeins would be ideal for this. Just to remind you the original pattern is by Hannah Levaniemi.

 Cherry Heart is one of my favourite crochet bloggers. I love seeing the images from her crochet. They colours are always pretty. I am sure I have posted about her Stripy Mitts before but this seemed the perfect place to give them a revisit. The pattern is a free download but I suggest following her blog just for the inspiration. She has a lot of lovely patterns on there. These mitts I like for a lot of reasons. I like the stripes. You could use any mini skein pack colour combo that you want. I imagine the mitts would look different depending on your colour choices. I also love it for the cute little buttons running up the side of the mitts. Definitely one of my favourites.

The Hot Spot Pillow is one off my favourite ideas. It uses crochet squares with the centre round in colour and the rest in white. With a pack of mini skeins you would get a large number of squares out of them done this way. I love it for it's simplicity and yet it looks so effective. I also think that there are an infinite number of squares that you could use in this way. I am thinking a plain granny done the same way would be just as effective. You can also see from the above image that different colour combinations create a different look. The pattern is by blogger Kirsten.  Her blog is called Haakmaarraak and is definitely worth checking out. She has a lot of lovely patterns on there and I have added her blog to my craft blog list page.

 This cute baby blanket I have admired for a long time on pinterest. I love that it starts with bold blocks of colour which slowly intersperse through the white. It makes for a pretty blanket and I think it could be just as striking with one colour. However, that wouldn't utilise your mini skein's but the original design by Felted Button would. This pattern isn't free but I would consider buying this myself. Go and have a look at Felted Button's blog as she has quite a few lovely patterns for sale and rather a large number of them involve rainbow combinations.

I couldn't finish this post without a blanket from another of my favourite crochet bloggers. I have raved about Attic24 more times than I can count and I have used her granny stripe pattern many times. I thought this would be perfect for the mini skeins if you were collecting them. This way you could add to it as you collect and your blanket would take on a different look each time. I also thought it would be perfect for Lisa's mini skein club. You would be getting a surprise each time and it would be something you could work on a little each month. Just an idea. You can sign up for Lisa's club here.

There are far more ideas out there than the ones I have listed. As they say, you are limited only by your own imagination. If any of you have come up with  your own creative ways of using them I would love to see it.

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