Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

It's far too easy to forget just how lovely Glasgow is. I think all of us can be guilty of taking our surroundings for granted. We have had a few lovely days this Spring and I took advantage of that last week when my sister and I took a walk round the Botanic Gardens. The last time I took my camera for a walk it was February and most of the trees were still bare. My mum's garden has only started to come to life but the same can't be said of the Botanic Gardens.

Both my sister and I took quite a large number of photo's but I'm only going to show you some of my favourites. I wonder if you can tell which were taken by my camera and which were taken with my phone.

I have a lot of photo's of these pink blossoms. Against the blue sky it makes me think that this is a taste of what Japan must be like during Cherry Blossom season. Something I would love to see in person.

This leaf is bigger than me and I'm standing underneath it. No crouching involved.

This is one of my favourites. Simply because the little fronds when curled up like this remind me of little balls of yarn.

The wild rose garden is still bare. I imagine that in the height of summer this will be completely covered in flowers.

Like our last walk we got to meet some new friends. I loved the fish tanks which were also covered in snails.

I have a fair few of these photos as you can imagine. It's amazing the images you can get by zooming right in. There were stick insect too but sadly we didn't get to see those.

There were a lot of tulips in vibrant colours. However, this image of these little blossoms is my favourite. I think it's just because you can see the tiny pink spots on the petals.

Hopefully we will go back later in year when the rose garden is out on display. Fingers crossed we get the weather for it.

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