Sunday, 19 June 2016

Mum's Garden - June 2016

Sorry for the silence the last few weeks. All those months of saying 'when I get my new flat' and now I am finally in there. I am pretty much settled. Just waiting on a carpet and a sofa for my living room to arrive and then I can truly get comfy. In the meantime I am kinda living out of my kitchen and bedroom. Both of which I love. I will do a post on that later (once the living room is sorted).

In the meantime you might have noticed that my red theme post appeared and has now disappeared. It posted before I was finished with it. This is why you should always hit save rather than schedule when you still have editing to do. I will post it later this week. Complete this time.

I may be on the other side of the city but I am still keeping an eye on my mum's garden. My dad has been sending photo's when plants have started flowering and he has been watering the garden during hot days. I was over yesterday to visit my dad and to have a look. I apologies for any weeds. My dad has let them go rampant for fear that they are flowers. I sorted that yesterday.

Believe it or not the first two photo's are of plants which are supposed to be poppies. The cover of the seed pack is an image of a field of red poppies. They don't look much like poppies to me. They are pretty though. I love the pinks and purples.  Fingers crossed the bees and butterflies like them too.

These little pink flowers from a bush near the back door are back on display again. I think they took longer to bloom this year. Although, maybe everything bloomed faster last year. I need to trim the grass around the plant or I would have zoomed out on that one. The bees always love this one.

The pink roses have started to bloom. Sadly I missed the prime of this one although my dad caught it as he sent a photo of it last week. There are more there about to come out and the roses at the front have a few buds too. I can't remember if the ones at the front are white or yellow so I look forward to finding out.

I have a pot at the back which I had been undecided for a long time as to what I was going to plant in it. In the end I decided to leave it for now and use it in the autumn. I haven't been watering it and it was full of what I thought was just weeds. I was then surprised when I saw this little flower which I remember planting for last summer. It's not in the best condition nor is it's neighbours but it was a nice surprise all the same.

PS Happy Father's day folks. That was the real reason for my visit yesterday. My dad got a coffee machine with capsules, sweets and a couple of bottles of nice red wine from both my sister and I. I'm also taking him out to dinner on Wednesday.


  1. Hi Karen, this is the third time I've tried to post - so should take note of your comments about saving! Congratulations on your newcomer - do personal message me or send an email and let me know your new address so I known where to send the Christmas cards!
    The 'poppies' are cornflowers, as I am sure you've worked out - lovely cottage garden annuals that often seed themselves if they like the space although may revert to blue in the process. The pink flower by the door looks like rosa rugosa which is related to our wild roses the parents of all our modern garden roses. The pansy/viola that's come up in the pot might flower all summer if you dead head it - and at the end of the season if you leave the seed heads on, you'll have more for free next year,

    I look forward to reading about all the things you are making for your new home, all good wishes. Ginnie.

    1. Thank you so much Ginnie for letting me know what the flowers are. I had a feeling that the rosa rugosa was rose related somehoe. It has that look about it. Thank you for your tips.

      Sorry about your comments. They first one did get through it's just I moderate all comments because of spammers. I haven't had an issue with this blog but I have had with other blogs.


    2. I thought the problem was at my end -- the wifi kept stopping and wiping out the message - as long as you got one if them. Sorry about the typos - newcomers was meant to be 'new home ' of course. All the best, G