Friday, 16 June 2017

Father's Day Socks 2017

After a 5 month break from sock knitting (I think the longest period I have went without knitting socks since I first learned) I need excuses to knit some. The first was a pair for my sister just because I thought she would like the yarn. With Father's Day on Sunday I had another excuse.

Now my dad is quite boring when it comes to knitted socks. The very first pair I knitted for him was in a rather heavy black yarn. He loved them. Unfortunately I did not love knitting them and swore blind that I would never knit black socks again. Don't worry, I am sticking to my guns although my dad has been less than enthused at every pair of socks since.

I think he will like these ones though and I actually wish they were for me. They have this same thickness as his very first pair and the same texture. It's the colours I love. Still subdued and subtle but a lovely blend of greens into golds. I am so glad that I used the basic sock pattern to show off the colour changes.

It even worked out with the heel turn. Normally the colour change between the leg and the gusset looks unnatural or odd unless using a short row heel. This worked out perfectly and I was able to ensure both socks matched.

The yarn came with my fibreshare box. It's by Debbie Bliss and is a Rialto luxury sock. The yarn is a wool blend which explains the soft but tough texture to it. It is very similar to a yarn I used a few times back in 2012 called Regia Hand-dyed Effect. It's a little stronger but like the regia it breaks if pulled on too often. The Regia used to drive me up the wall because it happened all the time and I stopped buying it as a result. This yarn only did that to me twice. The first before I started and the second after I had finished the last sock. Luckily I had just enough left on the needle to weave in. It would be interesting to see what other colour options there are in this range.

I have another pair of socks on the pins but I want to compare it to another pair that I will start after so it will be a while before you see it. Next week I plan to show where I am at with my blanket club blanket.