Monday, 16 May 2016

May Stash

Last month I was very good. I did not add to my stash at all. This month I have been very very bad. I am just going to enjoy it though as I get the keys to my flat at the end of the month and so there will be no more bad months. My bank balance won't allow it.

The truth is I wanted to buy some nice sock yarn to knit up for my dad for Father's Day. So I thought that Forest Moon by Mothy and the Squid would be perfeect. It's a dark colour but has that hint of yellow to make it a little bit special. The Summer Skies Rainbow I picked out for my sister as I decided that they would be perfect for a pair of summer socks. She loves the yarn and says it reminds her of care bears and rainbow brite. I have to be honest that I can't wait to knit with both of them.

The lovely Jillian also sent me a little mini skein of sock yarn in red. I thought that was lovely. Oh, and she also sent me more stitch markers which you saw the first time I purchased her yarn. I love this and I think they will become the heel and toes of a pair of socks for myself.

My good friend Lisa of For the Love of Yarn had a yarn sale on her facebook page. I picked up two of those yarns (I couldn't resist).  The yellow and white I picked up because the colours were so completely different to anything else in my stash. I generally find myself navigating towards the same colours all the time so this will make a nice change. The second I picked up because it's crazy enough for my sister to love. I have these earmarked for her Christmas. Although, she has asked me to knit her a pair of leg warmers so maybe I will use it for those.

Alas my sister has told me that the Forest Moon socks are too girly still for my dad (they have a sparkle to them) and so I have had no choice but to go with what my dad really wants which is plain old and boring - black. I picked up some heritage sock yarn from Wool Warehouse. I even have them on the pins already and I can confirm that it is lovely to knit with. I hope he appreciates it though.

He is not getting off entirely scott free. The black yarn gave me all the excusee I needed to pick up a pack of Lisa's mini skeins. One of these will form the heel and toes of the socks. He will have coloured socks whether he likes it or not.

I also indulged in picking up some stitch markers from Lisa. I really do have an obsession with collecting them. I couldn't resist sets involving my favourite things - mushrooms, ladybirds and owls. One day I will need to show off my collection.


  1. Looking good Karen! I've been attempting to use up some of my sock yarn stash -and then went to the Knitting and Stitching show in's addictive isn't it? Thanks for the links to the broken seed sock recipe -- I've made two pairs now and really like the design. I'm planning on trying the Aran pattern next!

    1. It has a lovely effect doesn't it. You'll need to let me know how you get on with the Aran. Too addictive. I should delete my etsy app. It's too easy to order more. I have enough sock yarn to finish the year out and more.