Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Last month came and went without a WIP post. Although lets face it, it also came and went with only four posts in total. The last few weeks my crafting productivity has increased a fraction and I actually have something to show you. This months socks is the first of the list. As I mentioned before I am doing just a basic sock this time. I am loving it because I am enjoying the yarn and the little flashes of rainbow. I don't want to say too much on it as I will post about it when finished. However, I can say that I am taking my time with them and just enjoying it. It helps that this is my favourite colour.

Speaking of favourite colour, I have also picked up the needle. This is a little project I have promised myself for a while. I love little mushrooms and I especially love the fact that they are teal. This is a project that I got from Cross Stitcher magazine. I've made a few changes to it though and for that you'll have to wait.

I am also working on a little (or not so little) project for my new home. I decided to try my hand at some Sashiko. Something I haven't done since I first attempted it during a class hosted by my old knitting group (if you want a reminder of that you can see it here). I am having fun with it and I can see myself trying different patterns. I actually have some plans for more posts on Sashiko so watch this space.

Oh and the garden may finally be about to display some colour!

I have some more plans for the blog too. So I guess you could list that as a WIP too. Coming up I have another mini Skein related post which was inspired through chat with the lovely Lisa. I also have  more plans but you will see what they are in my next What's New post. Until then I hope you are all enjoying your projects too.

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