Monday, 23 May 2016

Mum's Garden May 2016

Sadly the tulips have been and gone. We had a week of sunshine where they really came out on display. Followed by a week of rain which has resulted in petals all over the garden. When I get the chance I will move the pot to the back of the garden and then save the bulbs as I did last year.

The solitary red tulip was actually the first to bloom and the last to go. I think this would have pleased my mum.

 The tulips aren't the only blooms which have been and gone. The magnolia has also sprayed it's petals all over the garden. It was lovely while it lasted and I am sure it will be back next year.

One plant I thought was a goner was the heather. Which would have been a shame as the bees love it. It was dry looking and if I pruned it I felt that it would have taken the whole plant away. Thankfully I left it alone and then a week or so ago I noticed that it was displaying some colour. The bees will get their favourite plant after all.

A plant that I did prune right down was this fern tree. It was just too large last year and it was blocking all of the sun. My dad commented that he thought I had killed it until I pointed out the little buds that were already starting to sprout. Just days later wee have this and it's looking better now that it isn't so overpowering.

I did get another surprise. This time in the rock garden. These little white flowers appeared next to the yellow. I didn't plant them and they weren't there last year. I think my mum must have planted it and it only came round this year.

We also have some purple flowers coming back. I love these little flowers even though I have no clue what they are. So there is colour slowly coming to the garden. Bulbs I planted are starting to grow and the hanging baskets are quickly coming to life too.

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