Thursday, 28 April 2016

April Socks - Broken Seed Stitch Socks

Surprise! April's socks are finished. Didn't think I would do it but this last week I have barely put the pins down (away from work that is). This time I used a pattern that I had mentioned to you in a previous post. It was one that I wanted to try using a variegated yarn but required a contrasting yarn for every second row. The pattern is called Broken Seed Stitch and is by ravelry designer Hannah Levaniemi. She has some lovely patterns there so worth checking her out (this is her only sock pattern though).

For this pattern you need to have an idea on how the sock is constructed because the pattern doesn't give you this. All it does is give you some advice and gives the four row repeat that gives the sock this beautiful striping effect.

The four row repeat is fairly easy and once you have done it you can pretty much go it alone. You can see the effect it has even though the pattern is quite simple. It was fun to watch the stripes of colour spiral round the sock. Also to see the effect of a plain yarn knitted alternatively.

As I said you are left to construct the sock yourself. It suggests a 60 stitch cast on which was perfect. For the cuff I chose a rib of k2, p2.  The heel I went with a short row heel. The reason is actually a lazy one. It meant I could knit the heel in the solid colour and I wouldn't have to cut any of the yarns which I might have done on my usual heel turn. I think not having to do a gusset works better for the pattern of the sock anyway.

Since I was using less of the hand dyed yarn than I normally would I got a second pair of socks out of it. I decided to knit a pair for my sister so that we are now sock twins. I have to say I loved knitting the second pair almost as much as the first.

This is the variegated yarn I used. I won this on a charity auction Lisa set up a few years ago. I had started a basic pair of socks with it and hated the way the yarn pooled. It wasn't striping very well. For this pattern though it was perfect. It has a stripe of white through it too which worried me slightly since I was using white as a contrasting yarn. In actual fact I think that it enhanced the pattern. It broadened those stripes of green making it stand out more against the purple. Sadly I didn't keep the tag and I can only make out part of the tag from this image so I can't remember where it came from. If anyone knows who the hand dyer was please let me know. For the contrasting yarn I used a Rowan wool cotton in 4 ply. It was a little thicker than the sock yarn but this actually worked out perfectly as it made for a sturdier cuff and heel. Especially since I was doing the short row heal and it meant there were none of those horrible gaps that can occur.

Next months socks are going to be a basic sock but I am excited about this as I can't wait to see how the yarn I have chosen knits up. Watch this space.

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