Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Blanket Club Month 11

A four day week and a training day included has meant that I am behind in all the things I have planned. That includes blog posts. It turns out you can't do it all (especially after a Christmas night out on top of that). Next week I have a whole week off but I plan on spending it with my family. It's my sister's birthday and I want to make sure she is thoroughly spoiled. So for that reason I am moving back to two posts a week. For the next couple of weeks anyway.

So November has been and with it everyone in the blanket club received their final square. I am 100% in love with this colour. I love blue, any shade of blue but this one is a firm favourite. I'm glad that it was saved for last. I also love the buttons that Lisa made to go with the box. She posted these buttons on her facebook page a while back and I greatly admired them. So happy to be a proud owner of two. Will have to think of something special for them.

As for the square. I love it. Although, I'm not sure if I am doing it right and I have a feeling that I might have to be frugal with the yarn to get all 26. I like it though and it measures up to the same size of the other squares so I'm not going to worry too much if it's right. Sadly I have only got two squares done. Just not enough time in the world at the moment.

Month 12 will be a little different and that post will be a little late in coming. Month 12 we get our joining yarn. We have the option of picking the colour for that one. I picked cream as I want the colours of the squares to pop. Cream is always my go to colour for joining. I will need to decide the order of the squares and my joining method. I keep changing my mind on that one. Feel free to send me links to some ideas/tutorials.

Lisa has also announced next years blanket club. It's a graph based pattern. Each month you are sent a graph and the yarn to make a large square. Lisa had pattern testers try the first square and it truly is lovely. Not for me though. Next year I have other projects that I need to concentrate on and so I have to be strong willed when it comes to signing up for things.

She also has a blended ombre club next year which works the same way as the blanket club. Each month you are sent the yarn and at the end you are left with a beautiful stole. Go to her facebook page at For the Love of Yarn if you fancy signing up.

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