Friday, 14 August 2015

GBBO Week 2

 Week 2 of Bake Off and it was my favourite - biscuit week. Alas I missed it thanks to being on night shift. I caught up with it yesterday. My sister was over for film night and I took the opportunity to watch it with her.

There may have been a glass of prosecco in the offing as we watched. I may have missed tweeting as I watched but it was quite nice having my sister to chat to while we watched.

The evening started off with biscotti. If I am honest I don't get the biscotti thing. My sister was in agreement there. Why have a biscotti when you can have a decent biscuit or even a cake? The only thing biscotti is good for is breaking your teeth (in my humble opinion). The bakers flavours did sound good. But I won't be having a go at making my own.

The technical bake was the Arlette. Now these looked yum. I also like a recipe that involves laminating. Never done it myself but looks interesting.

 They are very similar to these which I think was the technical challenge either last year or the year before. 

The Arlette is part of the bake along and you can find the recipe here.

 I have to say I was well impressed with the show stopper this time. previous biscuit show stoppers have involved making some sort of themed structure (a dragon was my favourite from last year). This year it was a biscuit box containing biscuits. The box also made of biscuit. One of my favourite's was Flora's whose intricate decorating really set it off. I also quite liked Nadiya's. It didn't quite turn out as she had hoped but the fortune cookies inside looked amazing and the box itself still looked good.

My sister though, went on a rant about poor Dorrit. Dorrit made a box of frogs (which appealed to me). She used a cookie cutter for the frogs and for this she was heavily criticised. My sister came to her defence by pointing out that several others were using cookie cutters to ensure conformity.


My ultimate favourite though was the fire engine made from ginger bread. I loved this and all the work that went into it. I felt a little sorry that Mat didn't win star baker. Instead Ian won that one.

Alas, poor Marie was the second to go. She really didn't have a good week despite winning last week. She was accused of being to safe by going with the classics (one of the reasons she won star baker last week). She reminded me a little of last years Norman and I had hoped that she would last a little longer.

So last week I shared our Bakers twitter accounts. I'm really not a stalker, honest. This week I have some of their blogs to share with you. You can also find them in my craft blogs page. Before I go I should again point out that all of these photo's came from the GBBO barring one.

Flora Sheddon -
Ugne Bakes -  
 The Alternative Kitchen - 

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