Monday, 16 April 2012

Circular Granny Cushion!

After finishing the cushion for my sister I decided to make another cushion with all that cotton. This time I kept going with the circular pattern to make a circular cushion. It was actually pretty easy to do since I already had the translation straight in my head. I probably would have finished it in a weekend had I it not been for other things getting in the way. As it was it took me about a week.

I didn't really think about the colours again. I just tried to make sure I used them all and if you look closely both sides are different. This time I didn't do the edging that I love and I am actually quite glad of that. I made the cushion pad myself and sadly it's a little on the small side. My poor cushion cover is a little baggy. I am going to have to make another and unpick the edging to insert it. The moral of that story is never trust a compas! Or, never trust my math skills maybe (especially since I didn't use any).

Oh, and a close up. My mum is now the proud owner. I hadn't planned on giving it away but when I offered it to my mum she was very excited about it. It moves to another space when she is having a cup of coffee. If you want the pattern it is actually called the Granny Mandala and was once again courtesy of Crochet With Raymond.

I still have  A LOT of cotton left and I am thinking yet another cushion. This time possibly granny stripes and I will keep it for myself.

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