Friday, 7 August 2015

GBBO Week 1.

 Unless you're a hermit or possibly not living in the UK you may have heard that Bake Off is back. I have been counting down since last week. I think I am slightly more excited about it this year as I am having baking withdrawal. All of my poor baking equipment is being held hostage by a broken cupboard. That's probably not entirely true. I would have been just as excited even if I wasn't having withdrawal.

Wednesday saw me with my favourite tea (twinings mint humbug). The laptop out and the ipad because I have to be on twitter, instagram and facebook all at the same time. It's at times like this I love social media. There was also some cake which my dad kindly picked up.

This week we had Madeira cake, walnut cake and black forest gateau. In other words it was cake week and I happen to love all three. I have never made them though. I fancy having a go at Madeira. This actually led to the first innuendo within seconds of the show. I'm proud to admit that I had it up there on twitter before the GBBO account. There were some interesting flavours but my personal favourite is your traditional Madeira. We always have one at New Year. The recipe for the yummy looking Madeira can be found here.

It's hard to have an opinion on the contestants so far. You can meet them all here. There doesn't seem to be the camaraderie that there was last year. Or is it too early for that? There are two Scots though and I feel I should support them. Oh, and there is a nurse too.

The walnut cake came second. It looked pretty yum to be honest. I had to laugh at Mary's words of wisdom. I fail at this every time. Mainly though I loved the Black Forest Gateau. I NEED to try this myself.

Oh, and one of the Scots was our star baker. I think she is going to be like last years Nancy. An experienced baker who doesn't seem to get flustered. Time will tell though.

With the return of Bake Off we of course have Extra Slice with Jo Brand. Looking forward to that but will have to wait until catch up. I'm also working the next two Wednesdays so no twitter and Bake off for me. I will try to post my thoughts though.

I am sad to learn that once again there is a bake along. I had hoped to join in this year but maybe next year. Anyone else joining in? This week it's the walnut cake which does look delicious.

Only one of these images are mine. The rest came from GBBO website.

Oh and if you are as socially media obsessed as I am at these things you can find most if the bakers on twitter;

Stu Henshall
Sandy Docherty
Ian Cumming
Alvin Magallanes
Ugne Bubnaityte
Flora Shedden
Dorret Conway
Nadiya Hussain
Tamal Ray
Mat Riley

You can also find me there under Karen Crafts but I won't be taking to twitter on the next few episodes due to work. 

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