Tuesday, 18 August 2015

WIP - August

It's about time that I shared the projects that I am working on just now (other than the blanket club of course). Unsurprisingly there is a theme in colour here. You might remember this shawl from months ago.  Well, I worked on it for a day or two and I loved it. Loved it so much I didn't track where I was. Of course when you take a break from something for as long as I did with this you are never going to remember where you are. So I picked it up again last week and started from the beginning. I love this pattern and I love how it's working out. I think soon I will be changing to circular needles. I hate using them but as this is only going to get bigger it needs to be done.

I am also working on these socks. I spotted them on pinterest months ago and I had to hunt it down on ravelry. Sadly it was part of a challenge and so wasn't available. Now that the challenge is completed the author put the pattern up for sale. It's called Far Into the Forest by Kirsten Hall. It's funny how this pattern was first used as it has certainly been a challenge to me. I've enjoyed it though.

I love the back too and I have now reached the heel. I've decided to put it on hold until I have some time off when I can truly concentrate on it. The heel is different from others I have done before so I need to take time with it.

I gave up on the mobius scarf because you couldn't see the pattern in the lace. So I started the Lucidity Shawl by Beata Jezek. I also found this on ravelry. I am loving how it is working out (spot the stitch marker by For the Love of Yarn). I have to be honest I haven't worked on this in a while either.

Maybe in September's update I will have an actual finish for you.

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