Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Garden in August

 I am away for a few days on holiday but thought I would sneak in an extra post. I have actually been trying to have set days of posting (Tuesdays and Fridays) with an extra post now and then when I have something I need to highlight such as Sundays post congratulating a talented bunch of ladies. So leaving for a city break should be no excuse in getting a post out there. I thought what better (lazy) way of doing that than posting some images from the garden. After all it's been two whole weeks since the last one.

Actually, it's about time I posted the images I have collected over the last few weeks. The sun has popped out now and then. Long enough for me to take some photo's. Also, it's the end of the summer and I have started pruning already. The hanging baskets are empty once again and the wildflowers are gone. It won't be long for other flowers to join in.

Meanwhile a few have just begun to bloom such as the sunflowers. You can see above how tall they have become.

 These flowers were a favourite of my mum's. I'm not a huge fan and neither is my dad. I actually think the height of them makes them a little creepy. My mum had one growing write where these are growing a few years ago and she was so proud of it. These were planted in little pots just before she past away. Next year though I think I will try to get some roses to replace them.

These daisies have finally begun to bloom. I love a daisy but I was beginning to think that they would never come out to play.

The tomato plants have begun to flower too. I am sure my mum was getting tomatoes from her plants already by this point. I'm not confident that we will get them this year. At least I tried though.

Anyway, I have begun planning for next spring already. I have a variety of bulbs which I will begin planting as soon as I come back from my trip. In the meantime I hope you like the rest of the photo's.

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