Monday, 3 August 2015

Water Logged!

Us Scots are known for complaining about the weather. Let's face it we are never happy if it's too hot or too cold. Although generally speaking we only complain about the sun if we have to work in it. Well this year has seen one of the worst summers in a long time. We had two weeks of beautiful sunshine in Easter. I even managed to post a little about it as my mum and I got out into the garden.  Since then we have had days here and there. The rest of the time it's been raining and I've even had the heating on a few times.

It hasn't helped our poor garden. The grass is badly needing cut but the ground is too wet. Many plants haven't survived and many more have been late to bloom. Having said all that the garden is looking colourful at long last. So here are a few updates on some of the plants I have been looking after.

 First of all these tomato plants are no longer little. I planted them into the garden back in May.

They are enormous and the one on the far right was the little runt that I had been told to discard. There are even some flowers there and we may have tomato's soon. I'm not completely hopeful of that. I think I read somewhere that you are supposed to cut some of the fronds back as it can inhibit the flowers that lead to tomato's. Plus it's getting on in the year and I am sure my mum was already getting ripe tomato's from them by now.

The sunflowers are also standing tall. They survived being blown over and the trellis snapping in the high winds a few weeks ago. They have also survived something eating the leaves. They won't grow much taller than this as the flowers are popping up now.

These are actually almost gone now. They are wildflowers and are supposed to attract butterflies. I have actually seen a few around the garden although not near these plants. They look pretty though.

The cosmos have only just started to flower. They are a lot taller than I thought they would be and look a little silly in the wheelbarrow. However, they are thriving so I'm not going to complain too loudly.

The hanging baskets have also bloomed. However, they haven't been as healthy or as pretty as my mum had them over the years. I don't think that's entirely down to the weather. My mum had said not to put all the seeds into one basket and I did. Lesson learned!

The plant that my mum got from her work is also flowering again. I felt sure that it would because of how healthy the leaves looked. I thought I would have to wait until next year though. It makes for a nice surprise. My mum would have liked these little flowers.

These lilies have not fared as well as previous years. They aren't as healthy looking and not as orange. Some of the neighbours have these and they look the same. So I don't think this was me.

More and more flowers are coming out and there are still plenty of bees about the garden too. Although we can't really sit out and enjoy it, we can still see it from the window. I'm sure I will have more photo's for you as our so called summer winds down.

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