Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Non-Surprise Socks.

The socks I needed to finish in two weeks I finished in a few days. I forgot how tiny my sister's feet are and how quick it is to knit her socks (it helped that the first sock was already finished). This pattern is so easy too. Another help towards getting them finished. There was also no grafting of the toe. The yarn is Regia hand-dye effect. I am sure that I have complained about it before. Finally, though I have learned. It doesn't like grafting and snaps so that you have to rip it back re-attach the yarn and then graft the toe. It's annoying and I fail to remember this every time I use it. Until now. I did the swirl toe (not sure if that's the right name for it) and it likes that.

The pattern is the easy lace pattern you have also seen before. It looks narrow but when on it stretches out so that you can see the lacey effect. I love it and might have to knit a pair like this for myself. As for the so called hideousness of the yarn. I still think it's pretty. The sun coming through the window is making it look more purple than it actually is but I still think it's nice.

I did see some truly hideous yarn today. Also by regia but contained an assortment of colours that clash. Not only do they clash but they are also luminous! I am a firm believer that luminous colours should be used solely for high vis jackets and highlighter pens.  I would have taken a pic to show just how horrible it was but it's not the sort of shop that would allow a lunatic to photograph their yarn. I want to be able to go back there. So your just going to have to take my word for it (Helen, my sister would draw the line at these colours).

Having finished these socks I have cast on my sister's actual Easter socks. I have to say that nothing I am making for her is very eastery. I'm afraid you won't be seeing any images until they are in my sister's hands. Let's just hope I get them finished on time.

Every time I open up the Big Book of Socks it opens up to these lovely cabled socks. I think it's a sign that I should knit them. I had planned to knit it with some sock yarn that was originally intended for something else. It has significant colour changes in it but they are so broad I think it would still show off the delicacy of the pattern. However, on reading I discovered that it would be too thick. Then I remembered this lovely yarn that Helen bought me a few years ago. I have been waiting for the perfect pattern for it and I think this is it. I haven't wound the yarn or cast it on yet though. I am trying to remember that I have actual deadlines I might not meet as it is.

I also meant to show this in my last post. Last week I went to the library and dragged my mum along (the promise of coffee and books meant not much dragging was required). After we had picked out our books and went to the coffee shop. I noticed that all the handles were covered in knitting. I love a yarn bomb and this is the first I've seen locally.

I probably won't be doing a pinterest post this week. Maybe next week. Just the way my days off have worked out and the fact that I have too much to do just now.


  1. Brilliant socks, and the colours are lovely even if the wool is a bit huffy to work with!

    1. Thank you. My sister loved them. Was really just a case of adapting the pattern to the yarn. Once that was done it was fine. Colours are worth it.