Sunday, 6 April 2014

One Very Green Blanket


I finished my sister's throw! I say throw, it's too big to be a throw. It's big enough for a double bed or a table clothe (not that I would use it as a table clothe. I only mention it because it's almost as big as the table). Remember the preemie blankets? They were 20 rounds each with the fan edging. This is 55 rounds with the fan edging. My sister is tiny so she can have it over the back of her sofa and pull it down to snuggle under. This took just under 900g of yarn all in.

It's not perfect though. I have made a mistake here and there when I wasn't paying attention. It's also slightly wonky in one area. I think though that blocking would take care of that. I love blocking but this blanket is huge and life is too short. Sister of mine will have this washed within an inch of its life (hence the acrylic) so I am sure it will right itself. If you are wondering which image accurately shows the green it would be neither. It's very much a lime green. It fits in perfectly with the green hints in my sister's predominantly blue living room.

Just now I am moving time is different inside my head than it is in reality. Basically I have convinced myself that Easter is ages away and not two weeks away. I have basically given myself two weeks to finish each of the handmade gifts for my sister (our Easter tradition). See, this is why starting lots of projects is not a good idea! I have come to the realisation that I can't do it all. I might get some of it done. Which means that the socks that I had planned to knit for her Easter she will get at a later date. Instead she will get the pair I started with yarn my friend Helen gave me with the words "Here is some hideous wool your sister will like". The first sock is already done (and on completing the lovely Helen changed her mind about just how hideous it is. I personally think it's quite pretty).

I wasn't actually going to post this photo as, you know, it's supposed to be a present. Then I remembered that my sister was with me while I knitted the first sock. So it's hardly going to be a surprise. I promise the pair I had originally planned will be.

In between all that I have two weeks of placement to do and an essay to finish. There is nothing quite like putting the pressure on. Tonight though, I plan to take some time out. I have some magazines to read. I WILL NOT start a new project. Who is betting that I will start the free kit?

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