Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pins I Love - Sewing Bee!

I have been enamoured by home sewing projects since watching The Great British Sewing Bee. I would love to have a go but my sewing skills are fairly basic. Time is also a factor. I have enough projects to be doing without adding to them. However, it doesn't stop me from looking. One day I WILL develop my sewing skills along with all the other crafty projects I want to try.

Until that time I have created a sewing bee board on pinterest (not to be confused with my stitch it board). On going through some sewing projects I spotted this cute dress. There isn't really a pattern for it (not from what I can see). It looks like a sewing page that takes dresses seen in high street stores and stitches them up with a similar fabric. I have to admit I was mainly attracted by the polka dots. If you are interested in the page click on the image above and it will take you straight to it.

I love this dress. It can be dressed up for all sorts of situations. Smart, dressy or every day. I do like a versatile dress. Plus it looks like quite a simple but effective design. It was stitched by a blogger who also knits socks. Always like to see another sock knitter. Think I will have to look into this blog later on. The link to the dress itself is the image above. However, the blog is called Little Home by Hand.

I like this dress too. It's a nice summer dress plus it's floaty. Who doesn't like a floaty dress? What I like about all these sewing patterns (got this from watching the Great British Sewing Bee) that just using a completely different fabric pattern can make an outfit look completely different. This pattern is by etsy seller Queen Bee Fabrics. She sells lots of lovely fabrics as well as sewing patterns.

I like this too although I think you might need to have the models physique to get away with it. Plus it might be a little bit more than a beginner's pattern. It looks good though. It comes from a website called craftsy. It is quite good for online sewing classes and sometimes has free patterns. Worth checking out if you are wanting to try something new.

I do like a pleated skirt (although maybe not with quite so many pleats). I enjoyed watching the contestants stitching up pleats on the programme although I am sure they found it frustrating. The image above links to a tutorial on how to stitch pleats. I can't say how good it is since I am a complete novice but it looks good. The website is by Julia Bobbin and she seems to have quite a few tutorials on there.

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