Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Socks.

As I mentioned yesterday I managed to get my sister's Easter socks finished after all. All the other things I had planned didn't get done but she at least ended up with two pairs of socks. If you think these socks look awfully tiny it's because they are. I am sure I have said before that my sister has tiny feet. I think these are a little too small although my sister says they fit fine. I personally think they could have been doing with another round of the pattern before I started on the toe.

It's the spiral pattern again. I wanted a pattern but something quick as I really didn't have the time for anything complicated. You would think after knitting everyone sock in this pattern a few Christmas's ago I would bored with it. I still quite like it though. I love even more that I don't need to think about it. At least until I got to the second sock. It was like it knew that I have a deadline. Almost every repeat of the pattern I managed to make a mistake. As a result I was still knitting them the night before I was to hand them over.

This was the yarn I was originally going to knit her socks in. It's called tropical fish in the crazy zauberball range. I thought the colours were crazy enough to suit her. However, I was showing her another pattern for someone else. The socks were knitted up in a fainter version of this and she said she liked the pattern but not the colours. So I used the purples and pinks instead.

I did think the colours were rather familiar as I knitted it up. It's a different brand entirely but does look very similar to the socks I knitted in regia for myself. Clearly I like this colour combination. Sister likes it too which is the main thing.

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