Thursday, 24 April 2014

Not Much.

I said I would tell you what I've been up to and the truth is nothing much (other than thinking about my essay). Since finishing placement I have been flitting between projects. I work best to deadlines and can't seem to settle when I don't have them. I also can't show you most of what I have working on as they are potential gifts. I have been working on socks though. No surprises there. Remember this sock? I wrote about it back in February. Well I ripped it all out. I wasn't happy with it. Specifically where the needles joined. It created a solid ridge along the sock. Which isn't what you want, especially down the centre of a pattern. So it had to go.

I wasn't giving up on colour work though and especially not that pattern. So I treated myself to some circular needles and decided I would learn to knit that way. It's a popular choice and I know many people prefer it. In fact one of the ladies I was teaching to knit socks automatically changed to circs and go on faster. I also ordered myself a second set of 2.75mm needles so that I don't have to wait to cast on another sock. Not sure that was a good idea.

It would seem though that I don't like knitting with circs. At least I don't like knitting socks with them. I watched some YouTube videos and worked out the mechanics of it. It's just so much slower than my DPN's. So the colour work sock got ripped out again. I cast it back on the DPN's but separated the stitches for heel and front from the start (rather than even number of stitches on each needle). The cuff isn't so neat but I put that down to the beating the yarn took. I am happier with the way it is knitting up otherwise. I have actually gotten on much further than this and so far no ridges.

I used the new set of DPN's to cast on the unwanted Easter yarn. My sister actually likes it after all and so she is getting another pair of socks (I insisted that she have them as I had her in mind when I bought the yarn in the first place). Again I went for the simple spiral pattern. I quite like the colour variations. It's knitting up bigger than the Easter socks because it's a slightly thicker yarn (the Easter socks were done in King Cole). I will still remember to add an extra repeat to the foot though.

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