Monday, 22 August 2016

Back to Life Drawing

It's been two years since my sister and I were planning to go to a life drawing group in town. I first posted about it on the 18th of August 2014 although we didn't go until later in September. It was something creative for me to do when I was waiting for my registration and company for my sister who didn't want to go on her own. I was dubious about it and a little uncomfortable to start with. I have actually missed it since and when Lorraine suggested we go again I didn't hesitate to say yes. As I mentioned in the last post it moved location. I think we both preferred the old location as you could stand and use a ledge but it was still a nice atmosphere and I recognised one or two people from before.

I used mainly pastels the entire time. The pencil drawing was the only one with a different medium which you saw on my What's New Post (therefore I won't show it again).  I prefer the pastels as I like the bold lines that they create. I also mixed it up this time by using different colours. I quite like the black with the navy and grey. I was also restricted to an A4 pad this time. Lorraine bought us both new sketch pads. It's just as well as I don't think there was enough space for us to use anything bigger although a few people seemed to manage it.

This one is my sister's favourite and I have to admit mine too. I used three different shades of green with this one and I quite like the way it turned out.

This one is one of my least favourites. I don't think I got the proportions right and I don't like the mix of colours. I am definitely a blue and green person.

Lorraine has let me show off a couple of hers. Now she has true talent.

I love the delicate lines of her sketches.

She even manages it with the pastels and gives it an ethereal look which I have said about previous drawings.

The main thing is we had fun and we are going back on Monday. I have also talked Lorraine into doing a guest post so that you will be able to see more of her art. This will be in a run up to her FINALLY starting her own blog about her art. Watch this space.

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