Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pins I Love - Sashiko

I have promised a post on Sashiko for so long now that I bet most of you have forgotten. I haven't and it's been niggling away that I haven't done it yet. I also haven't finished my own Sashiko project as it's sitting collecting dust at my dads. My flat has all come together and I have most of my furniture, including a desk. I am hoping that by the end of August I will have packed everything and have it here with me (if not unpacked).

In the meantime I thought I would share with you some tutorials I have come across. Maybe it will encourage you to give it a go or maybe it will give you inspiration. Maybe both. As always with my Pins I Love posts none of the images are mine (although in this case the rubbish one at the top is mine) and you can click on the images to take you directly to the source. Have fun!


The first tutorial I picked because it came from one of my favourite websites and it was one of the first tutorials I came across. I love Purl Bee. It has lots of gorgeous patterns. Some of which are free. I mainly like it for it's knitting patterns. I always think they look so fresh. It shouldn't surprise me that there should be a tutorial on Sashiko since the website also covers stitching but it did. Pleasantly I should say. I should also stop calling them Purl Bee since they changed the name a few years back to Purl Soho (my bad). They even have pattern on offer but be warned it will be posted out to you from the States so might be pricey.


The second tutorial is a good one too. I like it for the fact that it shows you that Sashiko can be used to decorate just about anything. In this case the edging of some curtains. This is particularly good if you want to jazz up some boring curtains. My own curtains are too heavy for this to work (night shift needs heavy curtains) but if you have something light weight it would be perfect. This comes from Stitch Craft Create magazine. They don't seem to be publishing anymore but their old blog posts and tutorials are still there for the moment.


I love this one for a couple of reasons. First of all the stitches are in red. Secondly they are so tiny and precise. Thirdly it's a video from instagram by liubov21.03.76_. She has a youtube channel too but it's not in English. However, you can follow her link to it from her instagram page if you are interested.  Now this isn't a full tutorial. It's a short video of the creator crafting some stitches. It does give you an idea of what's involved though and it's mesmerising to watch.


This last tutorial is by Sake Puppets. It follow the traditional route of white embroidery thread on dark blue. Traditionally Japanese used the white threads to reinforce their kimono's and decorative patterns then ensued. Interestingly the person who wrote this tutorial moved to Tokyo and started a blog on the crafts she learned (along with her husband) there. Sashiko is one of them and she now has an etsy shop with her patterns.

I hope you like the tutorials and if it inspires you to do some yourself I would love to see it. Incidentally, I have saved all of these links to my craft tutorials page under sewing.

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