Thursday, 4 August 2016

Colour Inspiration - Orange

You wouldn't believe it now but I once hated orange. For years I detested it. I wouldn't wear anything orange or buy anything at all in the colour (I still don't wear it to be honest). The last few years it has not only grown on me I have become a little obsessed with it. For the last few years I had planned that my bedroom would be orange and teal but mainly teal. Now that it has become a reality it's mainly orange.  It's a bright sunshine colour and can be overwhelming. However, if done right it can be uplifting.

I have begun collecting fabrics for a quilt I plan to make for my room. It will be my first quilt and I plan for it to be fairly simple. Just squares in orange, teal and white. The problem being that I am finding it difficult to find orange fabrics and ones that I like. This is my collection thus far and they don't really go together. I still like them though. The bottom fabric with the mushrooms I have had for a while and sadly I have no idea where I got it from. This is more of a burnt orange and so rather than have it for the quilt it will back up a few cross stitch cushions. The top two fabrics I got from Purple Stitches. I highly recommend them for speed of delivery. I have ordered from them a few times now and I have always been pleased and the fabric has always been as I expected it to be.

Shockingly I have no orange sock yarn. Something I may have to rectify (because of course I don't have enough). Funnily, I received my mini skein set from Lisa as I was planning this post and one of the skeins contained orange. I will need to plan something with it for my room.

Another way of adding a hint of orange to a room is to paint (revamp) some old furniture. Chalk Paint is perfect for this (I learned this from Homemaker). Annie Sloan is famous for her chalk paint. I was having a look as I have a full length mirror with a wooden frame. The frame matches the wood in my room but it's looking a little tired. Once I build up the courage I might treat myself to some chalk paint and freshen it. Barcelona Orange would be perfect. Annie Sloan doesn't just sell her paint but she has a blog and hints and tips on how to use the paint. The paint itself is a little expensive but you can order samples for a fraction of the price and in some cases these might just be enough for the project you have in mind. I might order a sample and paint some picture frames.

My obsession with orange actually goes all the way back to me spotting a camper van cross stitch pillow in an issue of cross stitcher. That was back in 2012. I found a new appreciation for the colour and fell in love with camper vans. I did attempt to see if this pattern was still available to purchase from the magazine but sadly that's not the case and it's now out of print. I look forward to bringing this home.

I suppose that orange would go with yellow but the colour I chose was teal. Teal is one of my all time favourite colours. If you don't know that then you haven't been paying attention to my blog (so rude). When I planned the colours for a room that didn't exist yet I started this blanket. When I finished it a month or so before I purchased my flat I was actually unsure that I liked it. Turns out I just needed a lighter space for me to appreciate it. If you want to know more about the blanket you can see it here.

In other news I just about have all the furniture for my bedroom. I just have to get the wall art up (still to do) and add other craft projects I have planned. I'll give a full virtual tour once it's finished. Don't expect that to be soon.

Anyone else found a new appreciation for a colour they previously detested?

P.S I have seen a lot of orange with pink or with grey of late. I think I prefer the teal.

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