Thursday, 25 August 2016

GBBO - Week 1

Hands up who else was excited that Bake Off was back? A little late this year although it doesn't feel quite so long ago that Nadiya won Bake Off 2015. We have a whole host of people to support this year. No Scots this time but still a few Celts in there and one fellow nurse. I'm hedging my bets this time though.

As always with Bake Off the images belong to the BBC and not myself. You can find their website here.

This series started off with a drizzle cake which is actually a fairly easy cake to start with. I was a little disappointed that most people stuck with the traditional. Louise and a few others added alcohol but sadly weren't successful with it. Altough kudos to her for making it the shape of the fruit. I think Salasi stood out on this round with his cake.

The mysetery challenge is a firm favourite in my family - the Jaffa Cake. I have to say, how can you not know what way round a Jaffa Cake goes. So many people made that mistake or had to think about it. I am hoping it is the intense atmosphere and not the fact that too few people don't know this British classic. I was actually jealous that they got the chance to make it and well done to Salasi for winning. I plan to have a go myself next week and luckily the recipe is up on the website. Thank you Mary Berry!

The last one I thought was actually quite difficult. To make a mirror cake. The judges emphasised the importance of the mirror glaze but they were just as fastidious about the genoise cake which I also thought was difficult for a first challenge. And a few people failed at one or the other. I actually had Salasi pegged as star baker this week but he didn't quite clinch his show stopper. Poor Benjamina had a few tears as she felt like her glaze wasn't working and then the judges loved it. Sometimes it all does work out. Look how pretty Andrew's cake is. I think he should get kudos for the sugar work.

Jane was the first star baker. She made the lovely lemon and poppy seed drizzle (love lemon and poppy seed). I can forgive her for that solitary jaffa cake that was upside down (almost) and her mirror cake did look pretty perfect. Wonder if she could be the next Nancy.

Sadly one person did have to leave and it was Lee. I always feel sorry for the first baker to leave but sadly each of his bakes failed to impress. Particularly his show stopper which contained only strawberries between the layers. Rookie mistake on a chocolate cake.

Next week we have biscuits which is always a favourite week of mine. Looking forward to it. Oh, and I did learn that I made my lemon drizzle cake right. I always thought you should be able to see the syrup down the sides. Every day is a school day.

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