Monday, 29 August 2016

August Stash

Once again I had no intention of adding to my stash and once again I failed. My good friend Lisa was having a surprise yarn sale and I couldn't resist. It was £10 per skein and the surprise was the yarn you would get. This could be deemed as a risk but knowing Lisa's yarn I knew I would love it all. I received three skeins of sock yarn and they couldn't have been more perfect. A yarn that even my father couldn't say is girly and will therefore become socks for him. A deep pink for my pink loving sister and of course teal for me. The raspberry I have planned for my sister's birthday. I have promised her that I would design her birthday socks and I have an idea already. Looking forward to it. Thank you Lisa! Oh and make sure you head over to her etsy shop For The Love of Yarn as she is adding new colourways (trying not to look).

If you follow me on instagram you will see that I am just back from a weekend in Keswick which is in the Lake District. This was a birthday treat from my sister and it was lovely. I have some photo's to share as I took advantage of the scenery. While there I came across herdy. Herdy is a business which sells products inspired by Herdwick sheep. They also do a lot for the local community and environment. I loved their products and bought a few. These stitch markers and measuring tape was just one example. The bold colours as well as the sheep face is specific to herdy. They also do yarn which I resisted the temptation to purchase. I think I will treat myself once I have a project in mind. In the meantime why not head over to their shop and have a look.

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