Thursday, 18 August 2016

July Socks - Pucker

I have a confession. While I started these socks in July I finished them in August. A chest infection will inhibit any ones crafting mojo.

The pattern is called Pucker by General Hogbuffer (love the name). It's a pattern I first spotted on pinterest. I knitted a pair of mosaic socks a few years ago and enjoyed it. So much I knitted four pairs and had others knitting them. That was almost three years ago now and it has taken me that long to find a similar pattern.

This pattern was easy to follow. The instructions were simple but in depth and the chart was well done too. I think it was actually easier to follow than the first pair I did. Specifically, the gusset and the heel were easier. The heel was simple and for the gusset you just followed the chart. Or maybe part of that comes with experience of following patterns but I don't think so. I still wouldn't recommend it for beginners but if you are up for a challenge go ahead.

The downside is the blocking. It badly requires blocking when finished. This wasn't the case for the first pair. The pattern is more close knit and it may have more to do with my tension. However, if you click on the link to the pattern at the start of the post you will see that one of the photo's is similar to mine so I'm not too worried about it.

The yarn I used was two solid colours. Red and off white and the brand was patons 4ply. I like patons yarn as it's quite soft and feels lovely on the feet. The author of the pattern used a a solid base and a variegated yarn which had a good effect. I might try this later.

August's socks are on the pins. They are special. It's a pattern that I am writing myself. Since August is my birthday month I wanted them to be special. So I've bit the bullet and I just hope it works out. To make it even more special my lovely friend Lisa has dyed me some yarn for the project. Can't wait to show the yarn off even if the socks don't work out. Watch this space.

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