Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christmas Countdown Week 6 - Christmas Bunting

I was originally going to title this garlands but really these are all bunting of one form or another. I love bunting. I have always said I am going to make myself some and I plan to for project new house. My sister has even asked me to make her an autumn one which is a little late to start now (but as she has an autumn soul I don't suppose it matters when I make it).

Well, these garlands or Christmas bunting would brighten up any home. Some of them are even used to decorate trees. It's really up to you. Most of them won't take you long to make either.

This first one is one of my favourites. I love a star motif. The tutorial is by Anabelia and it's a fairly easy tutorial to follow. The blog is in Spanish but google will translate it for you. There is also a graph and seasoned crochet people would probably be able to do it from that. Anabelia Handmade is a lovely blog which contains many beautiful crochet patterns. Worth checking out.

I also love this tree bunting. The Royal Sisters is the person behind the tree motif and she calls it the Grandma tree.  The tutorial is fantastic as it photographs and annotates every step of the tree. One of the best crochet tutorials I have seen yet. It doesn't tell you how to turn the trees into a garland but I am sure most of you have the ingenuity to do that. I have also seen these trees done in lots of lovely colours. The blogger doesn't post regularly but there are a few other tutorials on it that you might want to have a look at.

It was actually really hard to find a free tutorial to bunting that wasn't made from crochet. I was almost giving up and making it entirely about the crochet. Then I came across this gingerbread man bunting. It's made from felt and the pattern is free from Craftsy which is a website I have used and talked about before. The good thing about this one is that you can decorate those little men as you see fit.

This cute little garland (and it is a garland) is meant for the tree. Not only is it cute but it's also edible. Both the recipe and the tutorial can be found on Donna Hay. If you recognise the name it's because it is the celebrity chef Donna Hay. Looks fairly simple to make and you get to eat it when you are finished!

 I love this one too. It's not really a garland or bunting either but can be made into a garland. These little clay ornaments were made by Garden Mama and I would love to have a go at making them. Definitely one for my to do list. The author makes it look easier to make than you would think. I bet if you were super talented you could also paint the impressions made by the green. If any of you do I would love to see some photo's. Garden Mama has lots of fantastic craft tutorials for the home and ones that you can do with your kids.

As always, none of these images are mine and belong to the people I have linked in. I have also linked all of the tutorials to my tutorial links page. The blogs you will find on my blog links page. Both of which are growing fast and I hope people enjoy using it.

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