Friday, 20 November 2015

Christmas Countdown Week 5 - Gifts for Crafters

This weeks Christmas countdown is some gift ideas for your fellow crafters. Us crafters like to receive items that other made. We appreciate the time and effort that has went into them because we have done it ourselves. Even better we love a gift where we get to create something ourselves. I would like to point out that none of these images are mine. I hope the owners don't mind and realise I just like to showcase others talents.

First up is one that I have coveted. These are yarn bowls and are created by the talented V's Pottery Shed. The design above isn't her only one. She has many beautiful and colourful designs. I am sure I have mentioned her before. She's also not limited to yarn bowls. She also creates wine glasses, travel mugs and at the moment her tree decorations are flying out.

Next up is for those stitchers out there. I came across this talented lady through instagram. Dandelyne is famous for her mini hoops. She creates kits which will allow you to wear a piece of your own hand stitching. I love them. If you follow her on Instagram you will also see that she likes to showcase those who design their own centre pieces for her hoops.  I personally think this would be something fun to do with my sister.

I am a huge fan of Nikki McWilliams. I love her biscuit designs. Brilliant if you love a bit of nostalgia. I have actually bought one of her cushions for my sister. Now she has come up with these little pin cushion kits. So you can have your very own biscuit pin cushion. This is another one that I am thinking of getting for my sister.

I also need to highlight my friend here. Not just because, well, I always do. Also because this would be the most amazing gift EVER! Lisa of For the Love of Yarn has a sign up for a new year long project (although you don't have to join in every month). At the end of the year, thanks to the boxed kits you will have made yourself a stole. A little different from the blanket club (of which there will also be a new one next year). Oh, and you don't need to be able to crochet as a knitting pattern will be provided for those who wish that option. I dare you to find me a yarn enthusiast who wouldn't love this.
Last of all we have a book which I would very much love. It's another of the What Delilah Did books (I have an earlier one which I reviewed here). This one is all about Christmas (all there in the title). So many beautifully stitched projects. It would keep anyone busy. And it's for stitchers of all kinds this time.

The reason I post this now rather than later is that a lot of these crafter businesses will be closing their order books soon so that they can get everyones order out on time. So if you want to treat yourself or someone else I would start ordering now.

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