Monday, 23 November 2015

November WIP

 Sometimes it feels like I am working on the same things all the time. Other times it feels like I never finish a project before I start another one. Just now it's most definitely the latter. I have been finishing projects though. For example, I have been doing well with my sister's winter woollies set. I am now onto her hat. Yes it's the same as the two hats I did for myself I just love the pattern. Plus my sister saw me knitting this for myself and has requested that I knit her one. As it is a surprise I pretended I was too busy. There will be a pom pom at the end of this particulare hat (on request).

My good friend Lisa sent me the tweed yarn in cream as requested. So I am now back on to the blanket which was originally for my gran. I love the cream. I think it goes well.

So the plan for these hexies is to have them all finished by the end of the year. I have about 10 to make so I think I will do it. Then it's just a case of putting them together. Wish me luck


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    1. Superwoman only if I get everything done. Now also have a pair of socks on the pins! xx