Friday, 13 November 2015

Christmas Countdown Week 4 - Christmas Cards

Every year I would say that everyone is going to get a handmade card. I'm afraid I only managed this a couple of times and now I just donate to charity instead. I still appreciate a handmade Christmas card. My mum managed just about every year and she would personalise it so that it was of something we loved. I even have one of them framed somewhere and of course I kept the rest.

These are a good keepsake for your loved ones and even if you don't want to give them to everyone it's always nice for those closest to you. Having said that there isn't much time left so if I were you I would get started now.

This first example is the type of card I love. I have always wanted to have a go at making a shaker card but never quite gotten around to it. This one uses and old Polaroid photograph as the shaker window but you can use acetate. This one is by a debby 4000 who created it as part of a challenge. Her blog is primarily about scrapbooking and card making and it's called Scrap Journey.

If you are a quilter or a sewer of any kind the chances are your going to have scrap fabric around. These cards by North Story are a fantastic way of using up those little scraps. Of course you aren't just limited to trees. You could use the scraps for a whole whost of festive themes such as bells, robins and snowmen. They also take not time at all so you could have all your cards finished fairly quickly.

Anything with buttons I instantly fall in love with. I have seen a whole host of Christmas cards using buttons. I have seen baubles, snowmen and Christmas trees. All would be as simple as this card but only this one came with a tutorial thanks to Hopeful Honey. As I said it's fairly simple and all you need is some card, buttons, ribbon and your glue gun. I know of very few crafters who don't have these items stashed away. Plus, like the scrap fabric cards you could make up a batch of these fairly quickly. As I said the tutorial is by Hopeful Honey but she also has some crochet patterns on her blog so worth checking out.

I hunted high and low for a cross stitch card that was both free and had a good link to it. Turns out they are difficult to find as most people seem to scan in patterns found in magazines (not at all legal). I found this cute design by Krissy Cross. You can pick your own colours but I think the red against the green is quite effective. This would take you a lot longer than the other cards here but it's still a fairly simple design that you could get a few done in the 6 weeks to Christmas. Sadly this is not a tutorial on how to cross stitch. It's just a chart for the above card. Krissy Cross is a German blog but google will help translate it for you. It's a good blog if you like lots of cute cross stitch designs.

I love this last card. I have hand stitched straight onto card before when I used to scrap book. I loved the effect of it. This card is done in a similar way and it's actually fairly easy to do. Once you get the hang of it you could even try your own designs. This tutorial is by Form A Lines. The tutorial is very easy to follow and shows you step by step exactly what to do. I think after stitching the first card the rest would come along and you could play about with the colours too.

None of these images are mine and both them and the tutorials belong to all the people listed. I have linked the tutorials to my Craft Links page for future reference. The blogs I have attached to my craft blogs page. If any of you decide to try any of these I would love to see your photo's

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