Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Have a Cakey 2014

So it occurred to me that I haven't done a review of the past year. I did do my bucket list for next year so I should get some points for that. The truth is I'm not going to review the past year. My blogging prior to the last six months was sporadic. Plus, I really need more time than I have given myself to go through the last year and prepare a post about it. As the saying goes, 'ain't nobody got time for that' (did I get that right)? If you have your heart set on a crafting review of the past year head over to Attic24. Hers is fab with lots of yummy crochet pics. It's better than what I would have done. Go ahead, go look at the pretty

Meanwhile, here are some cakey pics from me. These were all baked in the last few weeks. I should point out that not all of these were by me. Some were also by my mum who is a talented baker.

This month was the first month I got to use my new toy. A toy I was embarrassingly excited about when I picked it up months ago. My family (or rather my sister) are lemon made when it comes to baked goods. I have added lemon to so many things and was getting sick of using the grater. So I bought myself a lemon zester. Sadly, I built this device up too much in my head. It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. It was almost as annoying as the grater. There should be a magic machine that zests your lemons just by touching a button. That's technology I would pay for.

Anyway, here is why I was using the lemon zester a week before Christmas. It was my sister's birthday. Yep, not only is my mum a Christmas baby but my sister is the week before. My family are not very considerate when it comes to the time of year they have birthdays (I joke). Last year was stressful for my sister as she had to move with just a months notice. This year I wanted to make it fun and one of the things I offered to do was make her cake. She asked for a lemon cake and this is what she got. Please remember that I am not a decorator by nature. However, it tasted good which is the main thing. Sister did not like the candles (no pleasing some people).

These tasty treats are my mum's mincemeat pies. She has been making them for the entire month of December. The pastry just melts in your mouth. They never survived more than a day.

I volunteered to make dessert this Christmas and my mum requested lemon cheesecake. It turned out quite well and even my gran liked it. Was stressful though as I was convinced that it wouldn't turn out. Wasn't convinced until it had been devoured.

This, for non Scottish people, is a clootie dumpling. My mum traditionally makes one every year. She always plans to make it for the New Year but sometimes it's February before she gets round to it. She didn't make her Christmas cake for the first year since I can remember but we would all be up in arms if she didn't make this. You have no idea what you are missing if you have never tried it.

Lastly I have also baked my peanut butter cookies for the New Year. My sister and I have a tradition of staying in, wearing jammies, eating food and watching DVDs for the bells. It's not exciting but it's what we like. My sister always cooks so it's only fair that I contribute.

So that's me, a review of baking in December. I hope that you all have a lovely New Year however you are spending it and a caketastic 2014 (unless you don't like cake - trying not to judge).

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