Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mood Blanket All Finished!

It's finished! Finally says you. No more updates. I actually should have finished it on Tuesday but I was a few days behind. I say a few, I hadn't added to it since my last update until yesterday. I had been so good up until that point too. I had kept a not of my moods though. As much as I like the colours individually I still don't like them all together. I guess I am a minimalist as well as an OCD girl. My mum though is delighted with it. It's also the perfect length for a lapghan. So she can sit it over her knee while watching a dvd or knitting.

I also feel kind of sad that it is finished. I think I could quite happily do another project that involved doing a little bit each day. Perhaps not a mood blanket but maybe something similar.

I highly recommend the cotton I used. If you remember back it is called Rico Essentials and is a DK cotton. The colours are lovely and bright and I love the feel of it once it is crocheted up. As always with cotton there is the problem of splitting. This particularly kind isn't as bad as some but it still happens. There are many sins hidden in the blanket as a result of splitting.

Day 45 - White - fairly good mood. Mostly spent in front of the computer.

Day 46 - Grey - not so much my mood although was tired from very little sleep. More to match the stormy weather in Scotland. My classes were cancelled as a result.

Day 47 - mid green - finished an actual book. These days it's a rarity so it always puts me in a good mood.

Day 48 - pale pink - Sister day. spent it planning her birthday weekend and drinking lots of tea (there may have been a glass of wine or two in there too).

Day 49 - mid blue - great mood. Came home to see the decorations going up. There seem to be a lot more of them this year. Also got some Christmas presents finished. Pleased with how they turned out.

Day 50 - dark blue - mood was only okay. Finished the first draft of another essay only to find out later that day that I am going to have to re-do it. At least I know what I am doing, right?

Day 51 - yellow - last day of my knitting group for Christmas. As sad as that is I was looking forward to it. I also finally settled on a pattern for my Gran's Christmas socks.

The End!

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