Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mood Blanket Update 6

Woo hoo! I just managed to get another day out of the yarn that is left. This means that my next mood blanket update will be the last. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It also means that the blanket will be just a nice length. My mum is only wee so it will suit her perfectly.

It also now fits the table. You can see all the colours together. Does it look like I have mostly been in good moods or bad moods? Someone said to me yesterday (I think it was Helen) that they don't really want reminding of their black days. I have been lucky that my black days have been very few. Plus, if I have had a bad day I can always pick a brighter colour to cheer me up. I think I have done that once or twice.

Day 38 - mid green - just a normal day. Spent it working away on essays. I know it sounds like that's what I always do. Feels like that sometimes.

Day 39 - grey - exhausted. 2 hours sleep and I still managed to make it in to the uni library for 8am. Was proud of that.

Day 40 - purple - happy. I picked up the majority of my Christmas shopping. Also got all the supplies together for the knitting group Christmas party. I was actually going to manage along this year (the last few years I have been on placement). So I get to organise it.

Day 41 - mid blue - relatively good mood. Would rather have been spending time with my sister but decided to take the weekend out to get through some work.

Day 42 - light green - festive. 1st of December, how can that not make you feel festive!

Day 43 - burgundy - busy day at uni. Got one of my essays finished. Baking for the knitting group party although I had one baking fail. The morrow of that one is to go on your instinct.

Day 44 - teal - happy and festive. After a day of studying had a fab time at the Christmas party. My Secret Santa gift was a voucher for 'For the Love of Yarn'. You know my friends business who custom makes hooks and hand-dyes yarn? Couldn't be more excited. Safe to say it was a very good day.

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