Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award OR 7 Interesting Facts!

A very talented friend of mine, the lovely Annee Apple, tagged me in this. She lets my knitting group use a room at her place of work. She is also mightily crafty and has the cutest wee girl in the world. Go check out her blog!

The rules of this are - 

Display the award certificate on your blog.
Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Post 7 interesting facts about yourself and/or your blog.
Nominate 15 bloggers of your own choice to pass the award on to, and tag them to let them know!

I'm not sure I have any interesting facts about myself but here they are anyway- 

1. I intended to be a teacher. I took a year out after my degree with every intention of going back to teach history and politics. Instead I worked my way up in Borders Books until they sadly went into administration.

2. I was made redundant right before I was getting ready to apply for store manager positions. The truth is, after a few years of doing that I planned to move on to do something else. Nursing was one of the things I was considering. So really I am just doing this a few years earlier than planned.

3. Before I started up a knitting group I was mainly a cross stitcher. Until then I had only ever knitted scarves.

4. I am (and I am proud of this) a bit of a sci fi geek. I blame the parents. They passed on their sickness to me. Not that I consider it a sickness.

5. My nickname in my first career was OCD girl. I pretend this irritates me but really I am proud of it.

6. It really bothers me when I don't have a book on the go. If I finish one I have to start another before I do anything else. Failure to do so will result in book buying.

7. I can knit socks. I will knit any type of sock. I love a challenge of new patterns or methods I have never tried before. I cannot knit a jumper or a cardigan. I have tried on numerous occasions and failed. I have tried the simplest of patterns. They always end up suitable only for quasimodo.

Hmm, tagging 15 people is difficult. Therefore, I tag anyone who would like to take part.


  1. I love this post! Thank you for your kind words :) I giggled at the quasimodo reference as I sat hunched over my desk lol xx

    1. Thank you and you are very welcome. Lol, it's true though. It doesn't matter how closely I follow the pattern. It never works out. I'll just stick with shawls, socks and blankets. xx