Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Right at this minute I am sitting in the kitchen. Normally this is where I study but the books are away. I have decided no more work until the 27th. Meanwhile the kitchen is filled with scent of lemony goodness. Not the cleaning kind but the baking kind. I offered to make dessert this year and lemon cheesecake was requested. After that I just have a little bit of tidying to do. It feels odd to be this organised. I always have my shopping done by this point but usually I am rushing with the hand makes and the tidying doesn't get finished until late Christmas Eve.

I even managed to get some Christmas cards stitched up. This occurs once every blue moon. I plan it every year and I succeed in making them maybe once every three or four years. It helped that I picked small designs this time and only my parents, gran and sister were the recipients. You will not be surprised when I say that this was a free kit from cross stitcher. It's from the previous months issue. They were supposed to be attached to red card with little white stars. Mine were a little bashed though because of the bells pressing against them. That just meant I could use these little wooden motifs that I had bought for last years cards. So it worked out in the end.

Each card suits the person it's for (which was lucky). The rabbit is for my gran who loves small animals like that. The reindeer is for my sister who gets called Lorrainedeer (long story). The robin is for my mum. My mum's favourite place is her garden and her favourite thing to do is watch for the birds. It's a small garden and yet she has three bird feeder sitting out. There is a robin that visits us every year and she always looks out for him. Therefore the robin seemed fitting. It's also my favourite card of the bunch but I think that's just because of the Christmas tree.

So, I managed gifts, cards and gift tags this year and I have plans already for next year. We'll see if that works out though. I don't expect to be organised like this two years in a row. That would be just crazy talk!

I even managed to stitch myself a little ornament. Couldn't resist this little owly face.

Anyway, this will be my last post before Christmas. So I hope that you all have a great day and that Santa is good to you. I'll be back at the end of the week with my bucket list for next year.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful and I am sure they will be very gratefully received. I'd love to hear the Lorrainedeer tale sometime too so long as it doesn't embarrass your sis too much.

    1. Thank you. They all liked them.

      It's not that funny a story. About five years ago my friend and I were having our weekly coffee and did a bit of shopping after. One shop had these small stuffed toy reindeers. The tag called them lorrainedeers. My friend adores my sister and insisted I had to get it for her. Not that it took much insisting. Ever since, when I am with my friend, I have to refer to my sister as lorrainedeer. She even corrects me if I don't. Just as we'll my sister quite likes it. Xx