Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cushion for Gran

Last of my Christmas presents finished! Told you I wouldn't be still working on them on Christmas Eve this year. My gran has had a sore back of late so thought a nice bright cushion would be ideal for her Christmas. If it looks a little familiar you would be right. I have already made one of these for myself a few years back. It was part of a challenge set by my knitting group where we could only use odds and ends. I called it my Sock Pillow. The reason for that is that each of the squares was made up from leftover sock yarn.

I have kept going with the squares and now have a bag full of them. One day I want to make a blanket with them. However, I decided to use some for my gran. I spent ages picking them out and laying them out on the carpet. My mum gave me a hand with trying to decide which squares to use and in what order. In the end I actually like my Gran's cushion better. I think it's brighter (if that's possible) and I love all the squares used.

The buttons I had to make do with. I do like them but they weren't what I originally planned. I had these lovely wooden buttons with painted flowers on them. Turns out they were too large though. So I have given them to my mum who got a lovely tin of fancy buttons from a secret Santa.

Hopefully my gran will like it though. I have just realised that she is getting quite a few home made items this year. Hope she doesn't mind it.


  1. Lovely, thoughtful gift made with concern and love - what an ideal gift that will no doubt be cherished.

  2. Aww, thank you. My gran lived it. Turns out she had always wanted a cushion like this but had never had the patience for all those squares. Which is funny since she made all us grandkids blankets with knitted squares.