Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Very Braidy Cowl

I should have been tidying my craft area. Whilst I did make a start on it I got distracted and knitted this Cowl. A number of friends have been into knitting Cowls for a while now and I decided to give it a go. The pattern was designed by Maryse of Just Maryse (I love her blog). The pattern is free and you can see it here. It's lovely to knit and I can see myself knitting more of them. I already plan on a scarf version for my dads Christmas (planning ahead here, I know).

Not sure what the yarn is although I do know it has a silk content. It fluffs up in a similar way to silk socks I knitted a while back. Honestly I did not lose the ballband this time. My lovely friend Clare gave me a bag of yarn that was going free. None of them had labels but they are all very pretty. This one was calling out to be used first. It's so soft!

The Cowl is also going to my knitting groups charity, the shoebox appeal.

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