Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Think Pink!

Having finished it I can now reveal one of the larger projects I was working on. My sister requested a large granny square blanket after seeing mine. I then dragged her into hobbycraft and had her pick the colours. Makes sense that she chose all pink since it will match her room. I added the black to try and break up the pinks a little bit.I'm pleased with the effect of it.

This blanket is much larger than mine. It fits a double sized bed. It took me about two months to do and used up 9 100g balls of yarn. The pinks were done in rounds of three with one round of black in between each shade. I did attempt to do a new stitch (new to me that is) round the edging. I was taught to do a crab stitch but in the end I didn't like it and stuck with just a round of black to set it off. I have plans for more large granny square blankets but it will be a while before I get round to it.


  1. Hi... may i know what stiches do you used? like to make one of this for a baby... please reply to my mail

    1. Hi, I'm really sorry but because of my job I have to keep my email private. It's called a granny square though and if you go onto youtube and search granny square you will find plenty that will talk you through it. It's fairly easy as it's made up entirely of trebles and chains (in US terms it's double crochet and chains). Hope that helps.