Monday, 7 March 2011


Every year I plan to make a mothers day card and always fail to have it done on time. Last years was a cross stitch design which is still lurking about. This year I decided to be more organised with my gifts (although I have to say I plan that every year too). Ahead of time I made a mothers day card. The border is machine stitched. I then used some fabric I have lying around to make flowers and of course added buttons too before attaching them to the card.

Last week I was also working on items for a craft fair that's coming up. I adapted the cowl design in the previous post and knitted up five hair bands (the fifth is a deep rose). If I have time later I may knit more of them.

I also stitched some cards for the fair. I used the mothers day card as a prototype. This is the black and red flower range.

Pastel flower range.
I then decided to try it with felt.

Lastly the black and red butterfly range. I might do these in pastels too but probably not in felt. Instead of buttons I used beads to set it off.

This is what happens when you can now see your craft desk. Last week was cards and hair bands. This week I am going to work on bookmarks.

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