Sunday, 6 February 2011

Crafttastic Weekend

Things have been kind of quiet here because I have been working on some larger projects. It will be a while yet before I get those finished. I have though been working on some smaller projects in between but because I have been working on them here and there they have taken longer. This weekend seems to have been the weekend for finishes. First of all I finished my dad's birthday socks. Only a few days late. Just a basic sock pattern as I don't think the yarn really needed more pattern to it. This was one of those balls which was floating about my sock yarn stash and has long ago lost it's label. So I couldn't even tell you anything about it other than it is definitely sock yarn. Dad seems to like them though.

I also managed to finish a pair of socks for myself. Again the basic sock pattern. This time because the yarn I was using was so thick. It's double knit rather than four ply and is called Smoothie by Paton's. Perfect horrible weather socks.

Amongst all that I managed to do a bit of baking for my friend. It was her birthday last week and I promised that I would have some peanut butter cookies for her since she never gets birthday cake.

Then today after a lovely afternoon of coffee and tea with friends I knitted up a sock for my ipod touch. I am sure it would fit an iphone too. Someone on twitter gave me the idea of using leftover sock yarn to knit one of these. Of course raiding my button stash to decorate it was my idea.

I even got some work done on my larger projects but after all that I am now off to bed with my book.

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