Thursday, 17 February 2011

About Time!

Last night I stayed up till midnight finishing these socks. I knitted the first one back in July. For some strange reason I didn't start on the second one and it's been glaring at me ever since. I think I had a few things to do that had deadlines and then of course I had Christmas presents to do. That's my excuse anyway. I decided after finishing the blanket for my sister that I really couldn't justify starting anything else until they were finished.

The pattern is called Sunshine and is a design by Cookie A in her book "Sock Innovation". I love the patterns in this book and I can see myself knitting them all. I think this is the third design I have knitted from it. I enjoyed knitting this one. I liked the combination of lace and cable. I'm just not sure about my yarn choice. I picked out a lovely yarn by Tofutsie. I just think a solid yarn would have been more suitable. Tofutsie is lovely to knit with though and I still have about half left (surprising considering you wouldn't think it would do a full pair of socks when you look at it in the beginning). It's also one of those yarns made with something unusual. In this case crab shells. I kid you not.

I also finished another pair of socks to put away for my sister. This pair is called Winter Garden and was designed by Betsy Lee McCarthy in her book "Knit Socks". This is the second design I have knitted from the book and to be honest I doubt I will knit any of the others. Never say never though. The original design is done in green and blue too. Surprised me how much those colours worked together. I used Patons baby yarn as it offered brighter shades than the suggested yarn. It also means the socks are very soft.

This is also my first attempt at using my newly acquired fair isle skills on socks. I still struggle with the tension but I am happy with the way they turned out. Thankfully my sister is quite small and they should still fit her. The only down side is threading in all the loose ends. Worth it though.

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