Friday, 16 July 2010

Winter Woollies!

There are a few things I always plan on doing and never quite manage it. The first is to make sure that I give something handmade for birthdays and Christmas. I usually never give myself enough time so maybe only a few people end up with something hand made amongst their gifts. The second is to make myself some winter accessories. The priority is always on the gifts and so I never manage that either. This months copy of Lets Knit came with some free wool and a little booklet with hat patterns. As I liked the colours I decided to knit myself my first winter woolly this year. The yarn itself is basically acrylic which isn't the nicest of yarns but I loved the colours and I loved the pattern. It fits almost like a slouchy hat. The pattern itself was very easy to follow. My only complaint is that I did run out of the lighter pink 5 rows before the end. I can thank my mums gift of her free yarn to finish it off. I would definitely knit this again but in other colours.

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