Monday, 26 July 2010

Ickle Bed Bug!

I finished another project from Knitting Mochimochi today. This little bite-free bed bug was a request from my sister (one of many after she had a flick through the book). He took no time at all to knit. I used basic double knit which was left over from another project. These little critters are a great way of using up left over yarn. The feet and antennae were a little fiddly. Mainly because you are knitting so few stitches on the round. Worth it though. I Might be a little reluctant to let him go.

Posted this on twitter and my friend immediately requested one. I then showed him to my mum who also put in a request. So I am on my way to starting a swarm of bed bugs. Just as well they are the cute, friendly kind.

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