Saturday, 3 July 2010

Socks and more socks.

I finished these socks for my gran last week. Unfortunately I have no idea what yarn it is. When I first took up sock knitting I went a little bit mad with stash buying. This yarn was from that but the label went missing. I quite like the colours mind you. It's a shame as a few people were asking about the yarn. The pattern is once again from "Favourite socks". It's called Cable Rib Socks and was designed by Erica Alexander. I am not that enamoured with them. The pattern was easy enough but I think I would like it better had I used a solid colour. My gran loved them though which is the main thing.

I have other projects I should be working on but I'm not really inspired to work on them. This yarn has been continually catching my eye. I bought it a few months ago. It's Merino by Lana Grossa and the colourway is called Partie. I'm using just the basic sock pattern as I think the colours would hide anything else. It's knitting up into the most hideous striped colours and I love it. I can't wait to finish them.

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