Sunday, 2 March 2014

Thus Endeth the Lesson!

So my sock lessons have ended. I think in total there were five pairs of finished socks. A few people had to give up because of other things going on in their lives. Others are still working on them (between other projects). I am sure they will get them finished but I won't be along to my knitting group for the next two months. You never know I might come back to a few more finishes.

These three socks are the latest to be finished. The first pair is by a lady who picked up a sock knitting kit. The yarn knits up in a faire isle style which is very effective. I love the colours. The second pair was actually knitted by my mum. She has knitted socks before but has been put off knitting more because she can't get the grafting right. I taught her how to do a different style of toe that required no grafting. She is already thinking about knitting more and maybe even trying some with a pattern. The yarn she used was hand-dyed by the lovely Lisa. The last pair is by a lady who came along just to learn to knit socks. She learned to knit socks when she was in school but always got her mum to do the heel in the toe. Now she can do both herself.

I quite enjoyed teaching the socks. I have a few amendments to make to my lesson plan but it seemed to work well. I did get one lady telling me that it made all the difference so I'm glad it worked out. I never did do the youtube videos to go with the pattern. Each section was longer than 15 minutes and I was only allowed 15 minutes. I will need to learn to edit the videos and cut down on the chat. Maybe when I have some free time I will go back to them.

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