Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Knitting Class

Last night I had a knitting class only this time it was me taking it. A friend asked me to show her how to knit baby socks and another friend joined in after I let her know I would be doing this. I have taught knitting before but one friend I was teaching from scratch and it was a simple scarf. The other was a beginner knitter and I really only helped her out (again with scarves) when she needed it. So I was a little nervous. Especially since both friends are already knitters. I am a firm believer that if someone can't learn it is the fault of the teaching method rather than the individual. I just hoped I was able to explain things clearly.

I think I managed it. They didn't seem confused which I see as a good sign. Also by the end of the night they had finished to toe of the sock and knitted the first round of the foot.

I was really impressed with the results. You do not want to see the toes of the first set of socks I knitted. Theirs are so neat. The top image belongs to my friend Donna who learned to knit cuff down socks from a friend. She completed her second pair of those last night. The second pair belongs to Dawn who only learned to knit on the round two weeks ago and has never knitted socks before.

Next week I move on to part two which will involve knitting the heel. As it's the same as the toe I am sure I can it talk through how to do it. Hopefully I will have two little socks to show knitted by my two friends.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

A little bit jealous.

I have been working on a few ideas for the next craft fair or just to sell on my folksy site. I have had the idea of making embroidered bookmarks for a while now but only just tried it out this week. This little girl did not come out the way I was hoping. I was hoping for cute and sweet. Instead I got creepy. She reminds me a little bit too much of the little girl from Doctor Who episodes Human Nature and Family of Blood. Maybe I just watch too much TV as Clare from I drew the stars has said she wants this one. I have plans for other designs though, less creepy ones.
I also got a couple of baby sock sets finished. I started the mint and white ones during the craft fair. Both sets are made from cotton.

This pair though is my favourite. I hadn't intended to put these colours together but after messing about with my yarn I decided to try it. I now wish I had enough of this yarn to knit a pair for myself. Sadly I think the burgundy is a discontinued shade.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Crafty Critters Craft Fair.

Today was craft fair day. I am actually exhausted right now. It's amazing how sitting about can tire you out, lol. I took some of the photo's for the crafty critters page as a favour to the organiser. I was planning on bringing the camera along with me anyway and offered. Just as well since poor Lynne was run off her feet. Does mean that I can share a photo of some of us setting up.

After a week of rushing to get things done I had quite a leisurely morning. Not like me to be organised but it meant that I could turn the little design I made to use as my business card logo into a little table sign.
This was everything I had to offer. I have spent most of the week panicking that I wouldn't have enough despite sharing a table. Turns out I had nothing to worry about although there were plenty of people who's tables were bulging (and from them I got some ideas for getting the most out of table space for next time).

This last week I have been mainly working on space invaders cards. I have to be honest that this probably appeals to my inner geek more than anything else. I love space invaders. I have it for the DS as well as an app on my ipad. I did try out a white and purple one too but unfortunately the purple was too pale and you could barely see it against the white. The red and white is my favourite colour combination for this one.

My mum's favourite card is one that I finished off at the last minute. A reindeer card with Christmas bobbles hanging from his antlers. I designed and knitted the main design a while back. As I wanted some non Christmas cards too I decided to leave it for a fair nearer Christmas. However, having a wee bit more time than I thought I would I finished it off to see what people thought of it.

The fair itself was a little quiet. Nothing to do with advertising. It's just been a lovely week weather wise in Glasgow and today was proving to be the same. Most people would rather spend the few sunny days we have outside. I still managed to sell a few things though and I did have a lot of fun. I got to see a lot of friends and ex work colleagues. I also loved seeing the other vendors. There were lots of jewellery and cards. A friend of mine is an artist and she had a table selling her work. She does children's illustrations which are beautiful. They remind me of Oliver Jeffers. I love his work and I think I will definitely be buying something from her table next time. You can find her blog here http://idrewthestars.tumblr.com/. Another ex colleague works under the name Cushion & Cake which is exactly what it says on the tin. The most amazing looking cupcakes (I was strong and didn't eat any) and lovely stitched cushions. You can find her store here http://www.cushionandcake.co.uk/.

Despite how quiet it was we collected just over £200 pounds. I think that's quite good considering. There will be another soon and I have plans for a wider range. So watch this space.

As I said I was sharing a table. I shared with my friend Helen who is also a knitter but is also the most amazing scrapbooker. She is the one who gave me the idea for my friends Wedding album. She made these beautiful cards. She is hoping to soon start selling baby albums. They are honestly the loveliest albums you have ever seen. You wouldn't get anything like it from the store. I am hoping that next time she will bring along her sample album and so that she can get some bookings. The next one is nearer Christmas which will be the ideal time for people buying gifts.

Now that it is over I am actually feeling a little at a loss. I have many projects I should be working on but feel that I should be working on goodies for the craft fair. I guess that's just what happens after spending the last few weeks doing nothing else apart from work.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Craft Fair Day Has Arrived

Yep, it's craft fair day and after many early mornings and knitting nights I am organised. All I have to do now is price everything which is easy enough. Didn't think I would get to this stage if I am honest. I ALWAYS leave things to the last minute so that it's a mad dash. My friends wedding album was done the day before too. I have always been that way. I was exactly the same at university. Then again at work I left my actual presentation writing to the day before which of course added to the nerves of having to do one. Will I ever learn? Probably not.

So I have for sale my sock key rings and some cards. That's what I have been working on for the last two weeks. I have also packaged up the pin cushions I made since they are just sitting there on folksy and a matching needle book (only one of those). My pride and joy though is still the one thing that is free. My business cards. My sister is such a talented lady!

I am looking forward to this fair anyway. I know a few of the vendors and I can't wait to see what they do. My friend is sharing my table and I have already seen samples of her amazing cards. The organiser is a jewellery maker. We have an artist who does the loveliest illustrations and there is a cushion makers. I can't wait to see the vendors I don't know too. There has been quite a bit of advertising for this so it should go well. Plus it is for charity.

There is another in November so (assuming I manage to get a table) I plan to have the baby socks I was unable to get finished for this one. Also some embroidered book bags I designed for my knitting groups challenge.

If anyone is free today we will be at the Shawlands Kirk, 5 Moss Side Road, Glasgow from 11am - 4pm. Entry is £1 (going to a cat re-homing charity) and kids get in free. There will also be face-painting and a tombola. It should be good fun!