Monday, 27 June 2011


Still quiet here. If I am honest I am being very lazy with my crafting. I have been reading more than I have been knitting. I did manage to finish this months socks though. It's just a basic sock pattern as I was using it to teach two friends how to knit socks (and they have almost finished their first one). I used Happy sock yarn by Wendy. They have some new colours out and I couldn't resist this green and blue. Plus I love how soft this yarn feels.

In between I am still working on my crochet project although it was set aside to finish these socks. I have also started work on the next baby shower project. I promise photo's when both of these are done.

My folksy shop got a mention on another blog. See if you can spot me on Finally Made It.
Last but not least my knitting group has had its five minutes of fame. At the start of the year I did an interview talking about it and it was published in this months edition of Knit Today.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

National Knitting Day!

My knitting group are going to be at Hobbycraft Glasgow on Saturday from 12-3. They will be giving knitting demonstrations to celebrate National Knitting Day. Sadly I won't be there but if you are free or are thinking of joining a group then come along and say hello. They are a friendly bunch.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Baby Shower

The baby shower I have been knitting for was on Tuesday night and as always was good fun. I love knitting for baby showers. I always have fun picking out patterns. As you can see I did my usual and knitted a blanket and a pair of trainers.

The trainers were the first things I knitted. I was going through some old copies of Lets Knit magazine and reorganising them. When I saw these I knew instantly that I had to knit them. The pattern suggested pink and white or blue and white. As Annee doesn't want to know the sex of the baby until he/she is born I chose orange and white. I used Calico yarn by Sirdar which is a lovely cotton. The pattern was fairly easy to follow and knit up despite the dreaded colour changes.

The reversible baby blanket was done with an aron yarn which had a purple fleck through it. I got the pattern from one of those knit-a-day calendars from a few years ago. This is the second time I have knitted a blanket from one of these calendars and this time there were no mistakes in it (the last time the pattern missed out a line). I love the effect of the double moss stitch.

I have another baby shower to knit for in August. I think I might start that next week as I already have planned what I am doing.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Wee Weekend Away

My weekend away with my knitting group seems so long ago now and it's only been just over a week. Sadly we didn't get the weather for it so there was no long walks to go visit the cows (too muddy). We did venture out when the sun came out and I managed to snap a photo of one of the many bunnies that run around the grounds.

As I said it was lots of fun. I did teach one of the classes. Elaine and Dawn both wanted to learn adult sized socks. I think it went okay although I did seem to drive poor Dawn to madness.

On Tuesday there I managed to take a photo of Elaine's progress. She's now started on the heel. I'll post more photo's as they progress.

I sat in on a class too. Donna taught a granny square class last year. It proved so popular that we asked her to do another. She decided to mix it up a little and had several different patterns we could choose from. I decided to have a go at a granny hexagon (it's not supposed to be out of shape, honest) and the granny stripes. I love the effect of the granny stripe and have plans to do something with that pattern. It's certainly given me more confidence in following crochet patterns. Something that has felt like double dutch to me.

I also tried another pattern Donna brought along but I am only showing you a small section of it. Will show you the final thing when I have finished it.

I also finished a present for a baby shower which I will be able to show after tomorrow. This months socks are being used to help teach Dawn and Elaine so they are going to be basic ones. I love the yarn though which you will see when finished. And I am working on a blanket for myself. Just one or two projects then.