Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Knitting Group Love!

About a month ago one of my friends from my knitting group asked us to knit jumpers for a charity. A friend from her church was knitting them for children with Aids in Africa. She asked my friend if any of us would be interested in knitting some. I have to confess I was unable to join in due to demands from my course (plus no one would want a jumper knitted by me) but everyone in the group took to it and I had to share. In the space of just a month 126 jumpers were knitted. A few got people from their work into it. Most even have matching hats. The lady collecting was just hoping for maybe one from each of us so I'm sure she will be in for a surprise. Normally I don't post about my groups activities here but I had to share this one.

If you are interested you can see more about the group from our blog here (although I have yet to post about this there).

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Twin Socks

I haven't just been stash buying. I have also been using some up. Actually both pairs of socks were knitted with the last of  my stash before I bought more. The yarn is by Regia and is called Hand-Dye Effect. Not my favourite yarn to knit with but I have used it before and I do like the end result. The blue and the purple are my favourite colours from the range. If you do use it be warned that it splits very easily. I also recommend re-winding it as it has a tendency to tangle too because of the way it has been wound in the first place.

Both pairs were knitted for friends. The blue pair was a birthday present and the purple was a surprise. I think I had promised them both socks a while back so may have been a surprise to them both finally getting them. They look a little long in the foot (and probably are) but I wanted to get to the end of the diamond patter before finishing the sock.

You can see a close up of the diamond pattern above. It's a lace pattern and is honestly easier to knit than it looks. I've knitted this a few times and have never had problems with it once I got into a rhythm.

The pattern is called New England and is from one of my favourite sock knitting books, Knitting On The Road by Nancy Bush. I say one of my favourites but I have only ever knitted this one pattern. I have good intentions of trying on of the others but I love this one so much I can't help it. I did consider a different one with the purple but the yarn just didn't work with that pattern. 

I love this book because there are so many different patterns to choose from. Each one is inspired by a different area and with an explanation as to why. The pattern itself has a page of easy to follow instructions and then the chart is over a double page. Making it very easy to read. I know not everyone likes charts but I prefer them. Plus because it's spiral bound it lies flat making it easier to work from. The images of the socks are fantastic too so that you can see the pattern in detail. There is also a pattern for every taste; colour work, lace, cables and some with only a small amount of detail. I don't think it's for the first time sock knitter but good if you want to branch out from the basic sock pattern.

Friday, 17 February 2012

More Stash

Yep, I succumbed and bought some more sock yarn. The red is Portissima Color and is by Schoeller Stahl. I know the photo looks pink but it is mainly red. I picked this up to knit a pair of socks for my mum for mothers day. The blues and green is by Trekking and I added it to the basket with only myself in mind. I love those colours. The grays and blues is by Opal and this is for my dad for Fathers day. These three are all from Germany and I ordered them from Modern Knitting. The last one is my favourite and I picked it up from John Lewis. I love Noro sock yarn which comes from Japan but it's so expensive that it really is a treat. Haven't decided who I will be knitting this for.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sewing by Wee Sis

I promised some more photo's of some of the things my sister has been sewing and here they are. The top two are flower broaches that she made me. One was for my Christmas.

This cute little felt pocket was also for my Christmas which had my broach and a few other things inside. I love these designs. Especially the buttons.

This one was for my birthday. Back to her original hand sewn bags. I use this to hold my sock knitting. I love the fabric.

This cute little bag was also for my birthday she had put some make up in it. So that's what I keep it for. Again I love the fabric and I love the little buttons and bows that decorate the border.

I also got more stash this week. They question is do you want me to bore you with a photo of it?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Stash Basket.

So my friend Dawn requested some pics of the basket I mentioned in my last post. So here it is. My mum had something similar when I was little. Wee Sis and I used to love rummaging through it. So we were both excited to receive our own. The one Wee Sis received is black and covered in skulls and contained some fabric. She is still sewing and I will post some things she made for me in the next week or so. Mine contained sock yarn which I have since used (photo's of what I used it for will be posted in a couple of weeks).

Here is the inside. Pretty but hardly at the rummaging stage. I can hear it calling out to me to be fed with sock yarn. Possibly like the Wire.

If you are a Doctor Who fan you'll get it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Since the start of my student days my sock yarn stash has sadly become depleted. Actually I am currently using the last of it. My mum got me a lovely knitting basket in the style of Cath Kidston for Christmas and it is sadly empty. Until now that is. Have decided to get my stash up and running again. I treated myself to two new yarns and I can't wait to use them. The top one is by Opal. It's a German company so don't ask me the name of  the colour type. I can tell you that it is described as blue- brick red. I already have a pattern in mind for it although no idea who for as yet.

The second is my favourite. It is coming up to Easter and once again my sister and I have decided to make gifts. I am stuck for ideas but know she would be disappointed if there were no socks. This is by another German company called Schoppel Wolle and the yarn is called Zauberball. Again don't ask me what the colourway is. I picked it because it seemed to Eastery and my all black wearing sister does love pink.

I got both from Modern Knitting which is a fantastic website for sock knitters.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Odd's 'N' Ends Challenge

So I announced my knitting groups challenge this week. The challenge is to make something with our odds and ends. The above photo is all my leftovers from my sock knitting. I have until August to make it but since I am going to be limited on time I have made a start. I figure if I do a little bit every week I should have something to show for it come August.

It's not the most original idea. In fact I know someone else who has said they are going to do something similar. I contemplated changing it but I really want to use this up for my original idea so I'm sticking to it. I'm sure they will both look different in the end. I'm not going to reveal any more than that for now but I will link you to the knitting group blog post with more details about the challenge. You can find it here.